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The STAND System of Care is an all-in-one, end-to end system, which includes screening, treatment and ongoing monitoring of mood and symptoms. Participants are screened for symptoms of anxiety, depression and suicidality, triaged to the level of care matching their needs: wellness tier, digital therapy paired with certified coaches or clinical care. To date, the Depression Grand Challenge team has focused on implementing STAND in higher education and health system settings.

Learn more about each implementation below:

East Los Angeles College  Beginning in 2021, this implementation represents the first demonstration of STAND in a setting outside of UCLA. The project is funded by the the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health under the DMH + UCLA Public Partnership for Wellbeing. Learn more on the STAND at ELAC page.

UCLA Student Body  The first implementation of STAND (STAND 1.0) was piloted as a research project with the UCLA student body, beginning in 2017 and continuing through 2020. More than 4,900 students used the Mental Health Tracker to assess their symptoms and mood, over 500 students received care through the program either through online therapy paired with a certified coach or through clinical services, and more than 750 students were connected with a risk response team. Current students seeking services should visit the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) website and/or check out the COVID-19 Care Package.

UCLA Health - Pregnant and new moms  This is our first implementation of STAND as a research project in the health system. One of the DGC's current priorities is focusing on depression associated with pregnancy and the postpartum period (perinatal depression). This topic is of central importance in terms of both gaining a greater understanding of this condition (to speed the development of more effective interventions) and to determine how to deploy currently available treatments to best relieve the suffering of those who are experiencing this condition right now. The team is initiating this study in 2021 with women who are receiving prenatal care in the UCLA OB-GYN clinic, tracking symptoms and early signs of depression so that we might intervene earlier, and test using STAND in this population as compared with standard treatment. If you are interested in supporting this research, please click here.