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Screening and Treatment for Anxiety & Depression (STAND at ELAC) is being offered to students from East Los Angeles College who meet certain eligibility criteria (see adjacent).

The process of enrolling in STAND at ELAC begins with a 5-minute online survey referred to as the Mental Health Tracker. The tool automatically scores your responses and provides immediate feedback regarding your symptoms of depression, anxiety and suicidality, which might range from no or mild symptoms up to severe symptoms. The survey feedback is for informational purposes only; it is not an official diagnosis.


  • Be a current registered student at ELAC.
  • Be uninsured or have Medi-Cal or Medicare coverage. [If you have private health insurance, you are not eligible.]
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • If you are currently taking psychiatric medications and you are triaged to Clinical Care services, to ensure coordination of care, you will need to agree to change your treating psychiatrist to a Harbor-UCLA psychiatrist under the STAND program.

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Based on your responses to the Mental Health Tracker, one of the following three services will be recommended:


An online wellness program, through which you can learn skills for coping with common stressful experiences and build resilience at your own pace.

An online digital therapy program with lessons that are designed to respond to your specific symptoms. You may access the system through any personal device (phone, tablet or computer), and for each lesson, you also are assigned to a certified student coach who provides support through remote video chat. 

Connection to a team of clinicians who will evaluate your specific symptoms and create an individual treatment plan, tailored for you. Your treatment will include weekly sessions delivered through telehealth, and if deemed appropriate, you may also have medication appointments. There may be costs associated with clinical care depending on your income and other factors.

Your participation in STAND at ELAC may extend for up to one year. While you are enrolled, your symptoms will be routinely monitored so that your services/treatment may be adapted to increase or decrease as might be appropriate. If continued care is required after the enrollment period, you may be referred to another provider.

If at any time during your participation, you indicate considering hurting or harming yourself, our team will follow up with you by phone to check in on you and to provide you with resources.

We hope you will choose to register for STAND at ELAC. By registering, you will be agreeing to complete a weekly survey which may result in recommendations involving assigned lessons, meeting with coaches and/or seeing a clinician or trainee to receive psychological or psychiatric services. Your survey results will be shared with the UCLA STAND care team which includes program administrators, licensed providers and care team members such as coaches and coach supervisors. 

How it works

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STAND at ELAC is a program created by the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge. Funding for the program at ELAC is being provided by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health under the DMH + UCLA Public Partnership for Wellbeing.